○教育目標  Educational Goals

     Big heart and strong bodies--understanding how the "Children of Nogata"
     are nurtured


        めざす学校像                            めざす教師像                        
   Aiming for the symbol of a School       Aiming for the symbol of a Teacher      

    『児童が喜んで登校し,満足して下校する学校』             『夢を語り,触れ合いを深め,共に汗を流す教師』
   A school where children enter with eagerness, and leave     Teachers with dreams, strong comradery, and deep
   with a sense of accomplishment                    relationships

   1 安心して伸び伸びと過ごせ,けじめのある中に           1 児童の実態を的確に把握し,一人一人のよさや
    楽しく力を発揮できる学校                        可能性を伸ばす教師
   A school where children feel safe, distinguished,          Teachers who can accurately grasp the current abilities 
   and enjoy discovering their abilities                  of students and extend them to even greater lengths
   2  心と命を大切にする環境が整い,ゆとりの中で        2 進んで研修に励み,授業の工夫・改善や教育活
    個性を伸ばせる学校【オンリーワン】                 動の充実に努める教師

     A school where we hold our heart and life with          Teachers who eagerly research, make efforts to
   utmost importance and develop our individuality         improve in-class tools, and enrich school activities
   over time【only one】   

   3  個に応じた指導やよく分かり・できる授業等を          3 教育公務員としての使命感や職責感に燃え,率先
    通して学力を定着向上させる学校                  垂範・教児同行する教師

    A school providing individual guidance, easily-           Teachers filled with a sense of mission and responsibility
   understood classes, and continual academic             to set a proper example for the children

   4 思いやりあふれる中で,存在感や成就感,自己        4 常に自己研鑚に努め,人間性や社会性,国際性, 
    実現の喜びが味わえる学校                      教養等を高める教師

A school with a compassionate surrounding where          Teachers who continually try to improve themselves
you can enjoy learning about yourself through           with people, society, internationally, and culturally
    accomplishments and feel you play a role

 5 家庭や地域に開かれ,情報交換や連携が積極        5 児童に慕われ,保護者や地域住民に信頼される教師
     A school where trust is formed through open          Teachers who are adored by children, trusted by parents
    communication, and cooperation between families         and the local community  
    and the local community

めざす子供像  Aiming for the symbol of children

    やさしい子 gentle child    よく学ぶ子 clever child       たくましい子 healthy child

     1 元気な挨拶ができ,        1 よく聞き,深く考え,            1 進んで心身を鍛え,
      友達と助け合う子           豊かに表現する子               最後までねばり強く取り組む子

       cheerful greetings, and        listens carefully, thinks deeply,        positively trains the mind and body
       helpful                  and talks articulately               until the goal is maintained

     2 動植物をかわいがり,       2 基礎学力と学習方法を身に付け,   2 健康や安全に気を付け,きまり
      公共物を大切にする子        進んで努力・実践する子           正しく生活する子

      loves plants and animals, and    learns academic fundamentals and     takes care of one's health and safety
      takes care of communal items    study methods through continual      while leading a balanced life
                             efforts and practice