運営方針  The Administration's Statement of Purpose
      We will provide an environment where children can grow up soundly
      with the help of good parents, good teachers, and the trust and respect
     we have in each other.

      ○各専門部の事業内容  Departments and Responsibilities
      1 総務部  
General Department
        予算の立案  教職員歓送迎会  廃品回収
Budgeting,faculty event planning, recycle management

      2 文化部 
Cultural Department
        教育講演会・研修会  PTA新聞の発行  
Lecture planning, education training,
        PTA newspaper and announcements
      3 施設部  
Facilities Department
        教育環境の整備・充実  奉仕作業の実施
Schoolgrounds maintenance,
voluntary cleaning

      4 保健体育部 
Physical Education and Health Department 
        秋季大運動会・水泳大会・持久走大会への協力  学校保健委員会の実施
Health services plus coordination of sports festivals, swimming,
       and long-distant running events


      5 生活指導部  
Safety Department
          登校・下校時の交通安全指導   長期休業中の校外生活指導  ふるさと祭りでの街頭補導
          Safety patrol of school zones, summer and winter activities, and
          Nogata Festival